English Day at School

Students at the school in Dyrøy experienced an exciting training day in English along with twelve students and four teachers from the University of Southampton. View the great report from Salangen News. This is good learning – both ways!

Today’s program on Elvetun school consisted of two workshops:
1. To explore digital literacy and critical thinking – how do young people evaluate information that they find on-line? What information is regarded as trustworthy/untrustworthy? What factors influence these judgements (e.g. formal education, peers, parents)? Does it depend on the type of information that they are seeking? What tools might be developed to support critical thinking

2. To explore the place of the web in youth participation – how/do young people use the web for participation in civil society? Are new forms of organization and activism emerging? What forms of participation are meaningful and interesting to young people? How might this be supported e.g. in education, through community and voluntary organizations etc

Serving lunch were students from restaurant and food processing at Senja high school (Department Sørreisa), and the menu was of course «Fish’n’Chips» …

Earlier we posted this article about the UK visit. Now we look forward to hear more from the British on web-student workshop «Web futures» in the business hotel (Læringshagen) on Wednesday 19.9. You can also follow online TV from Læringshagen via this link .

Thank you Google Translate for all your help…